Take a look at some of the projects that have inspired us recently. From full rebrands to a one-off communications, every project is an opportunity to differentiate our clients.

Angela Harding

A new site that shouts quality

FSG Brand Design - Branding - DermaTx Advanced Skincare
FSG Brand Design - Branding - DermaTx Advanced Skincare

Representing an artist in a way that doesn’t overpower the work is a difficult ask. So, when our longstanding client Angela Harding asked us to look at updating her identity and website we knew we had to get it right.

Angela’s prints are extremely powerful, but have an inherent subtleness that can only come through the incredible skill of the printmaker. To retain this quality of mark, we developed a crisp, modern website that really did let the artwork speak for itself.

This meant that our attention to detail throughout every part of the project has to be spot on, with each print, gift or set of cards being meticulously photographed to achieve the best possible results.

The outcome is an intuitive e-commerce site that is beautiful, in keeping with the artists work and very easy to use.

To view the site please visit angelaharding.co.uk

Vivia Crumps
Brand Identity, Packaging, Marketing, Website

Delightfully tasty

FSG Brand Design - Zeal Kitchen Tools - Exhibition Graphics

We were recently lucky enough to be commissioned to create the brand identity, packaging, marketing materials and website for a new range of handmade chutneys.

Vivia Crump’s Chutneys are packed full of texture and flavour and required an identity and packaging solution that had a personality that reflected the contents and varieties well. The handwritten font of the brand marque echoes the traditional values and contemporary flavours, whilst a creative use of a die cut label and a complementary colour scheme gives the jars added interest and an individuality when in-store.

The marketing material and e-commerce website has a friendly tone of voice and uses mouthwatering photography with a strong visual appeal and a vibrant contemporary colour palette.

Why not try them for yourself! To view the full range please visit viviacrumps.co.uk

ESR Register
Brand Identity and Website

A community approach

FSG Brand Design - Website - ESR Register
FSG Brand Design - Website - ESR Register

ESR Register is the first regulatory body which regulates Assessor, Trainer, Lecturer and Internal Quality Assurers (IQAS) trading throughout the Further Education industry.

After being recommended by one of our existing clients, we were approached to form the brand identity and a community based website.

We opted for a fresh, contemporary approach based on the concept of communication and open dialogue. The illustrative design style is relaxed, friendly and memorable, twinned with a bright colour scheme to reflect the energy within ESR.

The design creates a fresh look in a sector that often forgets the importance of visual appeal to aid professional career development.

Please visit www.esr-register .co.uk

Haute Déco

Using print to reflect quality

FSG Design - Haute Deco Brochure

When our longstanding client Haute Déco required a prestigious brochure that reflected the quality of their full range of door furniture, we took the opportunity to look at using contemporary paper stock and traditional print techniques.

The 100 page brochure has beautiful silk text pages with the cover using a Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl stock, finished off with a traditional matt white foil.

The result is a brochure that shouts quality and attention to detail — echoing the unique and stunning qualities of the products themselves.

Ilex EnviroSciences

Quality assured packaging

FSG Packaging - Ilex EnviroSciences - Pack Labels

Ilex EnviroSciences are a family business specialising in supplying crop nutrients and biostimulants to UK farmers and growers.

To comply with new CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) regulations their product pack labels needed to be updated, so Ilex took the opportunity to look at a complete re-design. The brief including the introduction of clear product categories to distinguish key functions and application methods plus product visualisation for use in further promotional materials.

Using the physical and chemical characteristics of the products to inspire the colour palette, the products were categorised using bold colours to aid identification and the corporate ‘QUALITY THROUGH NUTRITION’ brand message was introduced consistently throughout. The results were containers that the company reps were ‘proud to see’ on their clients farms, successfully reassuring farmers of the high quality nature their contents.

Product visuals have subsequently been used in the preparation of product adverts and exhibition panels and have inspired Ilex to take a look at all the creative content of their marketing materials and the opportunities to define and further establish their brand identity.

Leicester Print Workshop
New Premises

LPW takes a giant step forward

FSG Design - Leicester Print Workshop - New Premises

Last night saw a landmark event in the history of one of our longstanding and valued clients.

After several years of planning and hard work, Leicester Print Workshop have finally been able to take ownership of their new premises – a fantastic warehouse in the hub of the Cultural Quarter of Leicester, that will act as a catalyst for an increased awareness and enhancement of this centre of excellence for creative printmaking in the East Midlands.

The groundbreaking event was a huge success, with over 80 guests bracing the cold to celebrate this momentous occasion. The evening was rounded off with an inspiring talk by Takero Shimazaki of t-sa, the architects responsible for the renovation and regeneration of the new building.

We are really looking forward to working with LPW during this exciting time, and to seeing the building transform over the next few months into the new home of Leicester Print Workshop.

You can read more of their journey so far, and help them raise the last few £’s they need to complete the process by visiting:


Zeal Kitchen Tools
Exhibition Graphics

Spring Fair graphics are a blooming success

FSG Brand Design - Zeal Kitchen Tools - Exhibition Graphics

It was a busy start to the year for us, and February saw all hands to the deck in order to complete an indepth suite of point-of-sale panels, information cards and product packaging for a new product launch at the NEC Spring Fair.

Using a mix of photography and digital rendering we worked with the team at Zeal to create a dramatic and exciting stand to launch a range of kitchen tools inspired by nature, with large format graphics adorning shelving units and an impressive 4m wall.

The show was a great success, and new packaging for the extensive range will be rolled out over the coming months.

Faccenda Foods

Inspiration for the UK’s retail and food service sectors

FSG Brand Design - Faccenda Foods Ltd

Faccenda Foods Ltd is one of the UK’s largest food businesses, supplying poultry products to an impressive portfolio of supermarkets and restaurants. Faccenda Foods have recently completed a brand overhaul to re-energise their brand proposition as a fresh and convenience food supplier after the acquisition and integration of Cranberry Foods. FSG were commissioned to redesign their flagship newsletter Faccenda Matters. As a quarterly printed publication the newsletter delivers inspiring content to both its staff and clients, reinforcing their commitment to innovation, their integrity and dedication to delivering success for their customers and people throughout the supply chain.

With specialist agricultural marketing agency Jax Marketing working on the content, we combined a magazine style front cover and feature spreads with a professional and efficient structure for the news and regular content. The feature food photography was created in-house, as well as additional location photography, to achieve the upbeat style and pace required to refresh the publication. Initial feedback on the new look has been very positive, and we are looking forward to starting on the December issue in the very near future.

Silvan Floors

A story of beauty and skill

FSG Brand Design - Website - Silvan Floors
FSG Brand Design - Website - Silvan Floors

Silvan are a Leicestershire based company making some of the world's most beautiful wooden floors. What sets Silvan apart is the care and attention to detail taken in the selection of the wood from ancient yet sustainable sources and the traditional skills involved in the preparation of each individual plank to create the floor. The new website was an opportunity to tell the story of the floors, using the narrative as a backdrop for the presentation of their inspiring portfolio of floors for both commercial and private clients.

The telling of the story involved spending time at the local saw mill, capturing the passion of the specialist team behind the creation of each floor and the scale and beauty of the wood. The resulting images are overlaid with the co-ordinates of the source locations, telling how each floor can be traced back to exactly where it came from.

Please visit www.silvanfloors.com


A fresh look for a new brand

FSG Brand Design - Branding - DermaTx Advanced Skincare
FSG Brand Design - Branding - DermaTx Advanced Skincare

DermaCare, a Leicester based specialist online retailer of cosmeceutical skincare products, was looking for a company to create a brand identity and range of packaging for their new own brand range of products, DermaTx. Cosmeceuticals are professional skincare products which bridge the gap between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and bring professional skincare regimes into the home. Building on DermaCare’s reputation of knowledge and experience in leading brands in the cosmeceutical market, the new DermaTx brand needed to reflect the quality, expertise and market aspirations of the company behind the products.

Focusing on the ecommerce marketplace for the products, emphasis was placed on creating a strong dynamic visual appeal. We settled on a contemporary matt white tube with a clear colour coding system to highlight individual uses and aid navigation across the brand. The result is reassuring, confident and professional.

Brigstock Wine Festival

Book Now!

FSG Brand Design - Web - Brigstock Wine Festival

We were pleased to be asked to design a micro site to help promote a great local event, the 2014 Brigstock Wine Festival. The site was designed to promote the daytime and evening events but with its main function being a call to action to book tickets for the evening. The brief was to create a very simple site for promotion through an e-marketing campaign and off-line activities.

Using a simple horizontal scroll, the site creates a clear distinction between the day and night events. The imagery gives a family orientated look and feel. The content was kept minimal using links to participant sites for visitors to find further information and incorporating a clear call to action on each page. A fun project!

Please visit www.brigstockwinefestival.com

British Edible Pulses Association (BEPA)

Recognising the benefits of pulses

FSG Brand Design - Branding - BEPA - British Editable Pulse
FSG Brand Design - Branding - BEPA - British Editable Pulse

The UN have declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses, creating an unprecedented opportunity for the British Edible Pulse Association (BEPA) to promote the benefits of pulses and pulse crops.

BEPA will play a key role in making the year a success for the UK pulse industry and its members and wanted to start building the foundations needed to make the most of this marketing opportunity. Based on our experience in both the food and feed industries, we were approached by BEPA to look initially at developing their logo in preparation for marketing initiatives for 2016.

After taking the Board through the brand development process, the logo selected and developed was chosen for its friendly, approachable style and ‘Britishness’. It gives the required recognition and signifys BEPA’s ability to effectively engage with their end users to promote the benefits of UK’s pulse crops.

West Bridgford Joinery
Product Rendering and Website

A mark of excellence in the making

FSG Brand Design - CGI Imagery - West Bridgford Joinery
FSG Brand Design - Web - West Bridgford Joinery

Following a project to rebrand West Bridgford Joinery, we were asked to collaborate on the launch of a new range of Audio Visual furniture from the associated company Tormar Furniture Makers. The new range is inspired by Scandinavian retro style, combining stunning shapes, beautiful materials and functional design.

In close collaboration and using advanced product rendering, we were able to explore and test elements of scale, material and design to help Tormar finalise the ranges and create stunning product imagery and styling to stimulate interest and enquiries prior to the launch.

Packaging and Launch Brochure

Using success and leadership for competitive advantage

FSG Brand Design - Packaging - Lintbells Natural Equine Supplements
FSG Brand Design - Print - Lintbells Natural Equine Supplements

After successfully establishing themselves as market leaders in supplements of joints and skin and coat health for dogs, Lintbells were looking for a design company to help them take this heritage forward into the equine market. The aim of the brief was to create brand and product identities to launch Lintbells products into the highly competitive equine supplements market and drive market penetration. While maintaining empathy with existing brands, the new branding would engage directly with horse owners and influencers to achieve brand recognition and sales through packaging and marketing collateral.

Our main focus was to look at how to differentiate Lintbells in a crowded market and from the key competitors through proposition, brand and style. Our response was rational and bold, using an approach that built on all the positive recognition of the existing Lintbells products. Each new product has a simple silhouette and unique colour and the structured grid system holds key information and allows transition of the brand style to all applications.

FSG certainly delivered, developing our brand and creating a product that stands out amongst the competition. We have had great feedback from customers both new and old since our launch at Badminton Horse Trials in May, and interest to create an effective base for our new products

Gizella K Warburton

A website with materiality and resonance

FSG Brand Design - Web - Gizella K Warburton
FSG Brand Design - Web - Gizella K Warburton

Gizella K Warburton, contemporary textile and mixed media artist, recently commissioned a new website to increase the visual presentation of her work and appeal to a more international client base.

We kept our design clean and simple creating an effective digital platform to showcase the beauty and materiality of the work. Light, texture and detail are central to every piece so the quality of the photography was key to creating the resonance and understanding required. The studio photography was executed with intense precision and close collaboration with Gizella, producing what we feel are beautiful representations. The considered structure and formatting allows the site to work on all platforms.

Please visit www.gizellakwarburton.co.uk


A ‘must have’ new look for packaging

FSG Brand Design - Packaging - Botanicals Organic Skincare
FSG Brand Design - Branding - Botanicals Organic Skincare

The dedicated team at Botanicals are driven by their desire to make skin care products as close to nature as possible, using the pure power of plants to promote the health and wellbeing of both consumers and the environment. To fulfil the potential of the brand, Botanicals felt they needed a stronger brand identity with the packaging design being key to taking the brand forward and creating a more aspirational product.

Based on the ability of Botanicals to harness the pure power of plants, we looked at how they had taken a traditional approach to skincare and given it modern day appeal. Using a typographic approach, the new packaging is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Victorian, heritage look. The colour palette evokes healing, trust and a sense of nostalgia, the logo is classic, bold and confident.

Harvey Maria

New literature inspires confidence and pride

FSG Brand Design - Print - Harvey Maria Flooring

Over the last 20 years, the team behind the innovative flooring brand Harvey Maria have built a reputation for making fabulous floors. With the introduction of new ranges including collaborations with designers Cath Kidson, Niesha Crosland and Hemingway Design they required new literature which provided an opportunity to strengthen the brand’s position in the home and interiors sector.

The carefully considered format, colour and tone of voice created a document that was user friendly, informative and inspirational.

PTM Design

Designed to make an impression

FSG Brand Design - Web - PTM Design - Large Format Vinyl Printers

For over 30 years PTM have been supplying large format and printed vinyls, graphics and signage to the creative service industries. They create impact for their clients using their skills in design and production. They are a very creative team and had a very clear idea of what they wanted from their new identity and website and asked us to help them achieve it.

The responsive website illustrates both functional and dynamic applications of various forms of printed graphics across a number of formats and environments.

Please visit www.ptmdesign.co.uk

John Lusty

The revival of a very British brand

FSG Brand Design - Packaging - John Lusty Fine Foods
FSG Brand Design - Packaging - John Lusty Fine Foods

We were recently approached by leading speciality food supplier, Foster Traditional Foods to re-brand their John Lusty premium ranges. The brand has been part of British culinary culture since the 1840s but needed an overhaul to maximise its potential in today’s market and regain some of its former glory.

When Fosters had finished their extensive research and development on the product itself with the support of Michelin star Chef David Chambers, we were asked to look at the brand message and packaging.

Just like the new recipes we wanted to keep the original style and touch of decadence associated with the brand and make it more relevant and recognisable to consumers in the high-end retail sector. After consumer research trialling our packaging concepts the final designs used a re-designed John Lusty logo and a well considered, elegant colour scheme to carry a range of traditional hand drawn pen and ink illustrations. The satin black background and gloss UV varnish further enhances the look giving a sophisticated feel and added value to the 13 strong range.